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Sql server 2005 with odbc connection

Posted 18 May 2012 - 04:49 AM

This question has probably been asked many times i do apologies however through my searching i havent got any answers or it must be that im doing it wrong. Through ODBC data source administration i have set up a progress driver, this works perfectly with excel with regards to extracting data from the database. Ive also used it with Delphis SQL explorer and im able to view all tables. I want to be able to access this same database through SQL server 2005 but i have had no luck. The SQL server doesnt even see the server where my new database is. Has anybody got any idea how i will go about being able to have SQL server link with a database over a ODBC connection.
The database is of file type .db if thats helps. Im starting to assume that its impossible and can only be done via ole db.
data source name = Hhome1
host name: home1
I have even tried this but dont seem to get far, when i enter this query it runs succesfully but i see no change
USE master
EXEC sp_addlinkedserver

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