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Interactive map/image with data?

Posted 20 May 2012 - 09:23 AM

Hi all

I've been asked volunteered to make a map for our local church. The map is to be of the graveyard, and when viewed we'd like on a click of a grave, for it to display information on each grave inputted.

I'm fine to make the image up in Illustrator, and I'm pretty happy that any pannable jquery plugin would display this fine. but what on earth should I use to actually make something interactive?

I've taken a quick look at the Google Maps Api and don't think it displays a custom image? (the inbuilt one of the yard is too vague).

The aim of this is to make it accessible for pupils at local schools, and also viable for people doing family history (we get a lot of foreign visitors asking for information), so a search option that pops up the right box and centres on it would be an amazing added bonus.

I'm scratching my head, and have never tackled anything this big before, I don't even know what language it'd be in.

The church would like to know that if I get run over by a bus they'd still be able to keep it up to date (adding my grave maybe) so is there anything out there viable?

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Re: Interactive map/image with data?

Posted 20 May 2012 - 11:00 AM

Well one of the quickest ways you could do this is using an image map. If you have a graphic drawn out of all the entire graveyard you can create "hot spots" which you could then tie in some javascript for it to pop up info about that spot... usually with an onmouseover or onclick event handler.

That would get you started. If you want to generate the hot spots based off a database of grave locations, you could create the image map by outputting the coordinate elements using a server-side language like PHP, ASP.NET or Cold Fusion.

So give that a try. Here are some resources to get you started...

HTML Image Maps - http://www.quackit.c..._image_maps.cfm

HTML Map Tag - http://www.w3schools...ags/tag_map.asp

Good luck. :)
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