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Ontology data type property protege

Posted 21 May 2012 - 03:48 PM

Hello all,
I am trying to build ontology which has 3 parameters as follows:
1- has_age
2- has_height
3- has_weight
And I have nine persons from P1 to P9 which are subclass of person.
I need to build an ontology which says that Person1 (P1) “any person who has_ageless than 20, and has_height between 1.6 and 1.9, and has_weight over 150”.
For P2 I have specification as P1 with different ranges. For example, Person2 (P2) “any person who has_age between 20 and 30 and has_height less then 1.6 and has_weight less than 100.
For P3 I have specification as P1 with different range. For example Person3 (P3) “any person who has_age more then 30 and has_height more then 2.1 and has_weight between 100 and150.
Then up to P9.
I define three the Data Types such as has_age, has_height and has_weight and also I create 9 classes P1 to P9. I applied the restriction that the class P1 is equivalent to a person and has_age less then 20 and has_height between 1.6 and 1.9 and has_weight over 150. (And did the same with different rage for the rest). I build these in protégé 4.1 and I need to use the DL Query to find the person correct person (for example P1), if I query:
If the person has_age= 19 and has_height 1.7 and has_weight 160 then this should give me P1 but does not do.
Please can you help me, did I build my ontology wrong or I cannot get query from DL Query in Protégé? Any guide for improving this ontology or rebuilding a new ontology would be perfect. Any guide of how to use Data type property in protégé with example?
I really appreciate if you can help me, for long time it stops my further work.
Thanks in advance.

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