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Dongle Software Protection

Posted 28 May 2012 - 02:19 AM

Im new to this forum and want to ask if someone can help me explaining how the dongle hardware actually works and protects my software. I want to order them and want to know more about it ?
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Re: Dongle Software Protection

Posted 28 May 2012 - 04:18 PM

Which brand and model? There are several and some have significant differences in method.

Personally I like the ones with memory allowing the developer to write to them. This allows you to write specific things that your software can look for. How you use that is up to you. It can be permissions for different products in your product line... it can be constants that you software uses to do calculations with...

The dongles require a driver. They also come with unique passcodes for your company that are part of your software's call to the dongle.

So you ask the dongle "What number do you have at address 1234"? If its the right value, you all the program to run. Or you can do your math based on a given value. If you know the number 10 is supposed to be at address 5678, but that value isn't there or isn't the right value then the calculation goes crazy and causing the results to be fraked up.

Some have real-time clocks on them that the user can't change. So if your software is supposed to time out after Jan 1, 2013 - It will.

Some have memory for you to load runable code on. This is great! Because you can load a small routine or calculation on it that your software requires. So you try to call the subroutine, and it fails so your software shuts down.

Some are serial numbered. So you could compile a version for that customer where the hard-coded serial in the software has to match the serial on the dongle.

Like I said, lots of techniques used across several vendors.

If you go to the vendor's web site they usually describe the general principals behind their products operations.
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