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MS dos created bat file (batch) ui tweak

Posted 28 May 2012 - 11:18 PM

trying to write a batch file where I can slide a text vertically and horizontally while changing its color with some delay :donatello: in command prompt

I could do it vertically by for loop in dos like mentioned
FOR /L %%A IN (0,1,9) DO (
FOR /L %%B IN (0,1,%%A) DO ECHO.
ECHO Ashish
color %%A
ping -n 2 localhost >nul)
goto doagain

That pause will never be hit I know :stupid: so I need ctrl C to stop the infinite loop

I am trying to do the same horizontally :surrender:

Also does anyone know how to store a keypress and use it
I tried
SET /P keypress= enter any key
ECHO keypressed is %keypress%

but I want to access the keyboard buffer or whatever :cowboy: as above mentioned code will be activated once loop is completed
I want it like at any time it should keep pooling the key

I am using windows xp command prompt so choice wont work

not for any project :) just for fun :balloon: in between work

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