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Comments on usability and nav sought.

Posted 16 May 2007 - 02:23 PM


I'm pretty new to web design and in fact normally work with a friend who does the coding on projects while I design the site and interface etc. This site is important as it's actually my new business and while the code is good I'm not so sure about the navigation, especialy on the step through ordering process.

I wonder if any more experienced designers (or even just people who are unfamiliar with the site but familiar with how sites should work) may be able to help crit the site.

Particularly comments on the homepage would be good. Does it explain, invite and/or encourage exploration?

Also on the favourites/gallery/wallstars etc sections, is it easy to see what is what.

I'm happy with the code etc but I really need to know if the design is up to snuff.

Thanks in advance. I'll make sure I return the favour (to the forum) by adding my two pennyworth to some other sites looking for crits.


url: www.mywonderwall.co.uk

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