Thread reopen request.

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Thread reopen request.

Posted 30 May 2012 - 04:33 PM


My thread was wrongfully closed by a moderator.

Riot has said in the past that they have no issues with people accessing their information; the only limitation is that they do not provide support for it. You, as a developer, are on your own.

ELOBuff is a million dollar company with a very long trajectory in competitive esports websites and obviously they wouldn't have invested thousands of dollars on a website if it was against TOS.

Not only that, there is no mention in the TOS that you cannot "ping" their public facing IP.

I guess the misunderstanding is in part my fault for using the following line:


You'll impersonate the official client and "phone home" to retrieve data for a single player.

The truth is, you don't impersonate the client at all. You can even use Firefox to ping the public facing IP and you get encrypted data. The project at hand would just decrypt the information into readable strings. Nothing more nothing less.

Moreover the mod highlighted:


J. Using any unauthorized third party programs, including but not limited to "mods," "hacks," "cheats," "scripts," "bots," "trainers," and automation programs, that interact with the Software in any way, for any purpose, including, without limitation, any unauthorized third party programs that intercept, emulate, or redirect any communication between the Software and Riot Games and any unauthorized third party programs that collect information about the Game by reading areas of memory used by the Software to store information;

Yep, we're not doing any of those, nor am I requesting somebody to do any of those items.

Thanks for the help! I'll answer any questions if you are still confused about the whole thing.

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Replies To: Thread reopen request.

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Re: Thread reopen request.

Posted 30 May 2012 - 05:20 PM

Moderator actions are not up for public debate. If you have an issue with something we do, please contact a moderator by PM or use the Report button to ask that it be reconsidered.
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