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how to make an embed playlist

Posted 12 June 2012 - 03:06 PM

ok so this is what i need to do, i got songs to play from an embed tag, but once the song is over, i need the next song to start automatically, no loop.
i tried making m3u and pls fils but they arn't working
i mean my code (the embed tag) is correct i think
<embed src="location of m3u or pls file" width='300' height='90' loop='false' hidden='false' autostart='true'></embed>

when i try to run it i get some weird picture that displays if you have a missing plug in, if you hover over it text pops up and says, no plug-in available to display this content. any idea?
owe it can be in js or php too idc

owe one last thing, in the m3u file
lets say i got
in the m3u file, to call song .mp3 can i just do
to call it?

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Re: how to make an embed playlist

Posted 12 June 2012 - 06:15 PM

Using an embed tag like that isn't really the best option for playing audio. It requires that the browser have a plugin installed that can handle the given media, and you have no guarantee of that.

Ideally we could just use the new <audio> element, but browser support for that is only available in the latest browsers, and the types of audio they can play varies. (MP3, for example, only plays in IE, Safari and Chrome (although Google has hinted that support for MP3 will be removed from Chrome one of these days...))

What I'd suggest is that you use one of the Javascript media players, who allow you to use the <audio> tag, while providing Flash and/or Silverlight players as fallback for older browsers.

I've used the MediaElement.js player before with good results. The jPlayer also looks pretty good.
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