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[link] Basic Authentication with Asp.Net WebAPI

Posted 19 June 2012 - 11:12 AM


A solid walk through on a frequent topic of discussion!


On a recent project, I undertook the task of implementing a RESTful API using the new Asp.Net WebAPI framework. The aim was to support clients of all types, including a .Net desktop app and iOS and Android mobile apps. My API had to support some sort of authentication mechanism.

Since this was a basic application (to be used as a learning tool for the other developers on our team) we decided to use Basic HTTP Authentication. As the name suggests, itís a simple protocol whereby the client sends an authorization token as a header in the HTTP request, and the server decodes that token to decide whether or not it is valid. If it is, the request continues, otherwise it (should) return a 401 Unauthorized response.

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