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error playing stream in MediaElement

Posted 25 June 2012 - 05:09 PM

I was doing some coding over the weekend but stumbled upon some serious limitations that not even Google could help on, something I thought was going to be simple.

I am working on a Silverlight App for the webbrowser, and its just a simple Internet Radio Player that reads from a URL (App includes the MediaElement, a text box and a button to load the URL pasted in the textbox by changing the source of the MediaElement dynamicaly, but just to come to realize that its not possible with the MediaElement (coded in VB.NET not C#, but at this point C# will suffice)-

myMediaElement.source = New Uri("http://stream06.technoloversfm.de/stream/1/")

With that code nothing loads! Tried that stream on Windows media Player, VLC, WPF (MediaElement), and WinForms and they all played the stream. I checked to see if it was supported and this is a regular mpeg sream, which is supported.

Do you have a solution? or some advice? the MediaElement doesn't seem to read http, or mms. Your help would be HIGHLY appreciated

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