Flash levels and sound

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Flash levels and sound

Posted 29 May 2007 - 06:55 AM

I have just started using sound in my Flash movies and am experiencing the following problem.

I have a base movie at Level 0 with a menu that calls other movies in a predefined area. The buttons have the following code: e.g.
on(release) {
These .swfs come in at Level 1.

The individual movies coming in at Level I have sound and video and buttons to pause action/video/sound. If the .swfs are played on their own they perform properly. There is a pause button:
on (press) {
if (playing!=true) {
and a continue button:
on (press) {
The sound is imported (mp3) and appropriate linkage set up. Code for the sound is on frame1 on its own layer:
var sound_cont:Sound;
sound_cont = new Sound();

My problem is that when you play the base movie and call the individual movies by clicking on the menu everything works except the sound. The .swf plays and I can start and stop it and I can stop and start the embedded video in that .swf, but I can't hear the sound. I've found the only way to hear the sound (and stop and start it ) is to import the sound again into the base movie.

So the sound is imported once in the base movie and once in the individual movie and this doesn't seem right. It also makes the base movie very large as it has to have all the sound clips from each movie.

Am I using linkage in the wrong way? Should the sound be a movie clip? (I tried this but couldn't get this to work).

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

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