Looking for a Web/Game Developer

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Looking for a Web/Game Developer

Posted 07 July 2012 - 04:28 PM

Looking for a Web/Game Developer that knows and understand Android/IOS to help out in a project.

*Paid is $100

Project: Reusable HTML menu system to replace existing C++ code.


1. Intended to replace existing code – so must implement existing features.

a. Static and animated background elements

b. Have checkmark button support to enable/disable and indicate game features

c. Communicate with game – to trigger sounds / music (callbacks in general)

d. Have upsell url’s for our other products

e. Have url link to our website

f. Use as little memory as possible

2. Needs to be able to adapt to the screen resolutions without requiring scrolling, elements must scale and/or move to look good no matter what the screen size. The current code does this by scaling the entire screen to fit the dimensions.

3. Must be easy to modify to add new design elements.

4. Ideally would be able to pull new content from the web to update or replace built in content after the game has shipped. (Product links, art and element changes etc). The devices will not always be online so this needs to be smart about falling back to the embedded content.

5. Make it easy to share menus between both the iOS builds and Android builds, each target has a couple differences so buttons that make no sense need to be hidden. (Android doesn’t have a game center so that button would need to be hidden)

6. Should be able to have modal dialogs and support displaying multiple pages

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