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how to start and is it possible this is for a serious issue thank you

Posted 11 July 2012 - 07:52 PM

Hi everyone im jules i have made and run a group / non profit organisation called UADV ( United Against Domestic Violence ) i have a website www.bruised-and-confused.co.uk and my group os on most social website ie facebook etc etc, i have been looking for a way for me and my group to be able to talk to people whom are IN a domestic relationship WITHOUT the other half knowing therefore stopping that person getting hurt so so no logs tracks etc etc as i have realised this is virtually impossible which the the way things are in this day and age, but i have thought of another way, and need YOUR help to find out if its posssible or do able and then how to start what programs i may need what langues is best to use format etc etc, the though is in order to bypass any software that might log deatils of places visited logs such as pandora and key loggers for example, i want to make a application exe file onto a cd/dvdfor example something most partenrs wouldnt pay attention to ie a make up aplication or dress maker etc to load onto a windows o/s, but with a hidden o/s bootable from cd/dvd, preferably linux as then windows o/s wouldnt be able to use it or combine in any way, so a person could boot into a linux system i dont think it matters really how it looks as long as its not suspicious to a partner, which has built in tools such as a simple chat dialog, internet browsing, basically the very basics in which you would require a password from me to someone within the group in order to either boot or get any type of connection, i dont mind learning any type of coding programming etc etc to accomplish this task,as im trying to stop domestic violence and people from getting hurt whilst trying to get help, im sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place was unsure where to post, plus im trying not to go into too much detail due to the nature of what im doing im sure you all understand and thank you in advise for any help or guidance you can give i have no problems giving out my email address to talk to people within more detail as i need exetreme sensitivity with regards to this as im sure you all understand once again thank you

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Re: how to start and is it possible this is for a serious issue thank you

Posted 11 July 2012 - 08:14 PM

Sorry we will not help you do shady things on a users computer. This can be used maliciously.

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