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Build web based bussines aplication

Posted 20 July 2012 - 07:01 AM


I think to desing and build a web based, custom bussines aplication ,
( i dont mind a website for on internet, is just for intranet )
and i want ask what are good options, because im "out of date" of actual web technologies.
Then i need to learn more.
But what?

The main issue for de aplicacion is performance, should suppot at least 100-200 users working at same time,
making constant database transactions( search, insert rows, updates,deletes, process ,etc ) whit good performance.
Performance is key, and easy to develop is second criteria.

1) Java / Oracle,
Seems the more serius choice, but seem complex to develop.
I know some java, and Oracle, but not deep enoug at the moment.

2) C# / sql server. I know and like C# language, but i dont want Microsoft licence stuff,
Also i go crazy whit the versión changes ( rdo, dao, ado, linq ... )

3) Php / MySQL. I dont know php, but seem easy to learn, and fast to develop.
But, can php hold a big project easy ? Also MySQL, can have good performance on this kind of project ?

4) Others, is any good new technologies ?

I know a just a bit of Phyton and i like it, but not sure of capabilities.

tips, are welcome

thanks ( and sorry for my bad english )

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Re: Build web based bussines aplication

Posted 20 July 2012 - 08:58 AM

Honestly I'd go with ASP.NET MVC; But that's just because I'm virtually married to it at the moment.

From what I've seen of Java (this isn't a trolling statement so don't attack me) it is ridiculous on memory usage if you were to go the route of a Tomcat hosted application, for example. This means you'd need to beef up your servers etc just to run it, and in all honesty the performance was never that great even with some optimisations being applied.

PHP/MySQL can of course support what you're looking to do, there are many many major sites running on the PHP/MySQL platform and you won't have any issues with 100-200 users in general.

Django is more of a multi-purpose framework, and whilst it can very well support many users; is probably not perfectly suited to an entirely custom build of project; I may well be wrong here, I haven't used it for years.

Again like I said, I'd go with ASP.NET MVC and not worry so much about the licensing. Visual Web Developer is a free development tool, SQL Server Express is free (provided it matches your requirements), and depending on where exactly you're hosting it, the OS licensing isn't so bad either. You'd get away with hosting it on a Windows Web Server license, which is around ~£350 last time I checked one off, so you'll have no issues there either.

At the end of the day, if you're proficient enough in any one language you would make it work. For PHP specifically there are lots of optimisers available that do opcode caching, Java has the benefit of being "always running" in a sense via a Tomcat instance (just one option), ASP.NET has the benefit of being compiled and once again always running, and Python is just pretty lightweight in general.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Build web based bussines aplication

Posted 20 July 2012 - 10:28 AM

Thank a lot Rudi for your detailed explanation,

Ok i can give a chance to C#, in fact i worket more whit c#, vb and sql server, i just need more AST.NET

Also i agree whit you is more important be proeficient, and make good desing and code, than the choice of language.
The actual application is java/oracle based, whit a big server, but still slow, and user unfriendly.
I dont know all the details, but seems to me bad designed, and poor implemented.
Im not great programer, but my answer to this, is just try to simplify desing and code as much as posible, in order to optimice.

I think more about all this,
tnx again
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