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OpenXava 4.5: Rapid Java Web Development

Posted 23 July 2012 - 04:03 AM

OpenXava is a framework for Rapid Java Web Development, well-suited for business and database oriented applications.
OpenXava allows you to develop applications just by writing simple domain classes with Java or Groovy. The user interface is generated automatically in runtime, without code generation.

OpenXava 4.5 has some new interesting features such as:
  • Support for all strategies of JPA inheritance mapping.
  • Data for list and collections is obtained via JPA, before JDBC was used.
  • Automated Business Logic (ABL) library added.
  • All new layout architecture (the code that paints the UI). It still in BETA but can be activated with layout.painter in xava.properties.

And many other useful new features and bug fixes. See the original announcement here:

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