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Need help in making grid base game in C++?

Posted 25 July 2012 - 08:29 PM

I am new to grid base game and trying to start one. I have a grid of 1024 x 800 with game play having node and edges where player have to move from leftmost node to the right most node. While going from left to right there will be some powerups that needs to be collected in between. Below is the example of the rough design where there are nodes and edges

Now since there will be many levels I want to make generic structure of this.

So first of all how will I make generic grid class, class of nodes and edges and how will I go about levelbuilder i.e. how to make generic class for nodes and edges

so that I can just read it from xml or something for my otherlevels and i do not need to do any changes in code.

Thanks community.

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