where to start 4 c++ game engine....

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Re: where to start 4 c++ game engine....

Posted 01 August 2012 - 08:16 PM

I was so sure that this was a reverse trolling expedition, but now I'm genuinely not sure.

Look, I get it. When you're new to game development, there's this strange desire to build a game engine. I've been there too, I even explored it a little, but realized early on that I was getting way ahead of myself. I'm not even sure that I could build a good game engine now that I have 2 more years of experience under my belt. The truth is, you should really focus on writing a few games rather than game engines. There's an excellent article that discusses why this is a good route to go here. I am literally begging you to read this article before you write another reply on this thread.

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Re: where to start 4 c++ game engine....

Posted 13 August 2012 - 10:50 PM

Hello, so your in to the world of game development, well, as of 4 years in the game development and coding world, I'm going to tell you this, you can accept it or not. Do NOT blow this over, this is very helpful information. Creating a game can take a LONG time(taking me 4 years.) so I hope you are ready for that, then you are going to have to do hours over hours,days over days of making sure all your code is correct, and works fine, so no one gets any major bugs in the game. You said you wanted to make a game engine? Well that is even harder, you have to chose some coding software, such as java, c++, or c#, then build from the ground up, get your design down, make your game engine user friendly,etc. Once you've done all that(which will probably take around a year, or 2 years without a team), you will have to gt high end graphic software, like autodesk Maya, to create buildings, characters, guns, what ever. Then you got to get stuff like Photoshop, and make a logo for you company. Once you've done all that, you got to get a physics engine for you game, and if all this wasn't hard enough, well here is probably the most pain in the ass part. A ANTI-Cheat engine! Yay. So you got to build a anti-cheat engine in your game, and then buy one, such as punkbuster, for you servers. And as a security expert, it is a pain in the rear. It will take up a lot of time, over your thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands line's of code. So that is going to add around, 700 line's of code. So you see why it is so hard to do this stuff.

E.x of anti-cheat in java(part of anti-spam, written in java.)

boolean cancel = false;
        // Maybe it's a command and on the whitelist
        for(String s : cc.spamWhitelist) {
            if(data.message.startsWith(s)) {
                // It is
                return false;

        int commandLimit = cc.spamCommandLimit;
        int messageLimit = cc.spamMessageLimit;
        long timeframe = cc.spamTimeframe;

        final long time = System.currentTimeMillis();

        // Has enough time passed? Then reset the counters
        if(data.spamLastTime + timeframe <= time) {
            data.spamLastTime = time;
            data.messageCount = 0;
            data.commandCount = 0;

        // Security check, if the system time changes
        else if(data.spamLastTime > time) {
            data.spamLastTime = Integer.MIN_VALUE;

        // Increment appropriate counter

        // Did the player go over the limit on at least one of the counters?
        if(data.messageCount > messageLimit || data.commandCount > commandLimit) {

            // Set the vl as the number of messages above the limit and
            // increment statistics
            data.spamVL = Math.max(0, data.messageCount - messageLimit);
            data.spamVL += Math.max(0, data.commandCount - commandLimit);
            incrementStatistics(player, Id.CHAT_SPAM, 1);

            // Execute whatever actions are associated with this check and the
            // violation level and find out if we should cancel the event
            cancel = executeActions(player, cc.spamActions, data.spamVL);

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Re: where to start 4 c++ game engine....

Posted 14 August 2012 - 09:11 AM

View PostPsycheSmartGames, on 30 July 2012 - 08:24 PM, said:

View Postmacosxnerd101, on 30 July 2012 - 05:10 PM, said:

What is your skillset with C++ then? Any graphics experience? How well-versed are you with physics, calculus, and linear algebra?


ummm i do not want to use someone else's game engine thats not how i do my OWN work any ways

Developing a game takes a lot of effort- months at the very least of teams of people working on it. Developing a game engine, then developing a game could double your development time. It's one thing if this is a learning exercise. If you are actually trying to get an industry-level game published, you may want to reconsider this. There are numerous difficulties in getting a game published- don't add to them.

not trying to be smart a but i dont think like most of you guys

You can say that again. Anyone that wants their business to succeed would take the time to register it spelled correctly.

Pysche Smart Games | Psyche not Pysche.

But whatever, it probably doesn't exist on paper anyways, & will go as far as the engine does.
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