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Strange Uppercase to Lowercase 'W' Bug

Posted 05 August 2012 - 03:23 PM

I was trying to post a link in my thread about the project I'm sharing (http://www.dreaminco...y-for-2d-games/), but I noticed the link kept getting changed between the editor and the post/preview.
The 'W' in PEBlankWindow (the full url was: http://www.robotgobl...kwindow.tar.gz) was being changed to lowercase, leaving a broken link.

I've tried putting it in plaintext, putting it in code tags, linking it with different text, it insists on changing to a lowercase letter. Only that one changes, though, the other uppercase letters stay the same.

I experimented a little, and it appears to be the word "Window" that has it's uppercase 'W' changed, if a full-stop is placed at the end:


.. both have uppercase 'W's in the editor.

Sorry for rambling on about this, I just figured I may as well at least try and be helpful seeing as I'm complaining it doesn't work ;).

[edit] fixed a link (not the one in question)

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Re: Strange Uppercase to Lowercase 'W' Bug

Posted 06 November 2012 - 12:38 AM

There's also another bug I've seen lately.
int b;
printf("%d", B)/>;

This b variable is lowercase everywhere. Or is it?

It would be interesting to see DIC bbcode parser, since that's most probably where this happens.

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