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Hello, OliverMD here

Posted 06 August 2012 - 06:06 AM

So I've finally got around to making an account after being a long time reader of tutorials and various forum posts.

About me:

I'm 16 and have been learning C++ for about 7 months.
I have been interested in technology since about 5 or 6 and learnt C# badly when about 10, around 12 I became more interested in building computers and significantly less interested in writing terrible C# programs. Then about a year ago I became interested in game programming, I did some on and off research for about 6 months or so, trying out different languages until about 7 months ago I decided to concentrate my efforts on C++.

I have been trying to learn the language as best as possible although I believe my progress to be fairly slow due to GCSEs which are now thankfully over. Even though I originally set out to do game programming, I have not yet tried my hand at it and now seems the perfect time to start with my GCSEs and recovery time out the way.

What I hope to achieve:

Over the next couple of weeks I aim to make my first simple game, probably something like a 2D platformer. Longer term, in the new year I hope to learn another programming language to expand my skill set. At the moment this is a hobby, but if i have the aptitude I may possibly pursue this as a career after A-Levels.

If you read all of that thanks and I am glad to have finally joined :) Feel free to contact me with any other questions :)

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Re: Hello, OliverMD here

Posted 06 August 2012 - 06:10 AM

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