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Jolicloud, and simplifying computers in general

Posted 14 August 2012 - 01:54 PM

Well I recently discovered an OS called Jolicloud (designed mainly for cheaper computers) that saves all your files on it to their cloud, Which seems pretty cool. Also a version of the OS also runs as an app on Andriod and iOS. That way all your files are in one place. I know there have been more and more types of these things lately I like the idea of this and think it pretty cool. However, lately I have been thinking it's going to be an issue if/when the world of user friendly simplified OS's and Software colides with the world of developers.

I really like the features that some of these cloud os's and programs are offering but it seems like they are also making it harder for people to create software and games as a hobby and may eventually make it so only corporations can do that. For example WIndows 8. In windows 8 it works much like a phone and now that the desktop is only an app it makes me wonder what would ever happen if that app was removed?

I know this all very hypothetical and won't happen for a long time (or maybe even never) but it still bothers me and I was curious what you guys thought. :)

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