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Game Development Project - Paid!

Posted 16 August 2012 - 07:59 AM

Let's get one thing straight! I'm one of those people who tend to write too much and repeat myself. For that I apologize. Now with that our of the way lets get to the juicy part.

The job

An Online 2D RPG game. Idea (Please note that its a work in progress. There are daily overhauls, and features might change, links might be updated and stuff will be added. It's just to give some idea of what's inside my crazy head.) So the idea is there. But it's a massive task. So I find myself looking for a team.

What's in it for you?
A good question I think. Three things I would say. First you get to be part of making a game that potentially could end up fun to play. Secondly I'm sure you'll learn something along the way. And third I'll pay 100$ per head a month for your help.

Now why do I pay, and why that amount?
As everyone who read the stickies here must know it says at one part that you should never invest more time then you can afford to lose. This goes for me as well, I'm offering the money because I can afford to lose them if this doesn't work out. But it's still some money. Not much but this is a project over time. I also want to pay monthly since there is no guarantee that this will last. But then at least I'll have some work done and you'll have some money.

What will I be doing?
Everything I can do. I'm going to do my best to get sketches, drafts and game logic down. I'll also do all kind of work that you can delegate to me! Got some repetitive code to be written? Well send it my way then I'll do it. Need descriptions written for something in-game? Throw it my way. So I'll be doing whatever you can make simple enough for me to understand. (I'm a very quick learner tho) I will also do my best to have a good communication channel open with all parts so that we're on the same page.

How many people am I looking for? And what expertise
Now that's a good question. First turn around I'm looking for 1-2 people. That should be enough people to get something started. But what expertise is required? Well, language wise I haven't reached a conclusion. But so far C# and C++ seems to be somewhat suited for my project and a lot of people have competence with them. But I'm looking for more then that. Knowing how networking works and pref having used it before would be a massive bonus - This will be an online game from the start so it's kinda a must.

So to sum up:

  • Trustworthy (Anything from impressing with a reply or having a good rep will do this trick. I'm OK with leaps of faith)
  • Knowledge of programming. C++ or C# preferred. (If you have a better language then feel free please to convince me!)
  • English, have to be able to communicate properly so writing proper English is a must
  • Some flexibility, no games are like others so there is a chance you will have to learn some stuff as-well.
  • All other skills are welcome. Graphics, PHP or HTML - A website is always cool.

How will the payment work?
Been thinking about this. And I've came up with a system(ish). As a team we'll sit down each 14 days and decide what the goal should be until the next 14 days. So we basically come to an agreement that until next meeting each person is going to get something specific done. Then I'll pay 50$ each 14 days as long as we reach the agreed result (Please note this is a suggestion to how we can do it, and everyone will have a say in what can be achieved in that amount of time, I'm a realistic person so I'm sure we can reach some kind of agreement.)

Let's take an example. If I now hire 1 person. Then we sit down 20.08 - 12 where we agree that the next big meeting (03.09 - 12) we're going to have a launcher (Client/Server) ready. With let's say 3-4 functions. 1; Connect to the server. 2; Auth using Login and Password. 3; Press Update (This will get the newest game files from the server) 4; Press Play (Which will launch the game in whatever state its in)

This might be too much for 14 days. So for the first 14 days the agreement might be to get a server up and a client up that can auth using login and password. Anyhows. I will pay 14 days in advance. And all payments will be on time. I will use Paypal for the first 2 payments. After that I can use pretty much whatever. Even if I have to get the local currency of your country and mail it to you.

This means you can decide to end our partnership after each 2 weeks. But part of this agreement is that everyone will sit with all of the source. And when we part we all part with the source.

What is my plan for the game?
Fun, fun and perhaps gets my cost covered. Ideally I would want to get to a point someday where we can launch an alpha along the lines of Minecraft. Where people for a very small fee can take part in testing. If this time ever arrives then whatever profit is leftover after all costs are paid (Server, Web, etc etc) will be divided among whoever is in the project at that time. I have no finished game thought out. I'm constantly thinking up stuff and removing features.
The idea is that even if 50% of my ideas are impossible or useless there will still be tons of stuff to be done.

We'll work as a proper team, everyone will have say in how the game turns out. Sometimes we might disagree about a technical aspect and then we'll refer to your programming experience. Sometimes it might be a question on how things should be implemented in-game. That will be more my table. But all have a say.

Who am I?
Best question of the day! Well. My name is Daniel Davidsen, I'm 19 (20 in September) and live in Norway. I work as a tech support at Telenor (Mobile, ISP, TV and such)I have a passion for books, paintball, go-cart and gaming. I like to think of myself as smart but no genius and trustworthy. If I first say I'm going to do something then I'll do it.

Why should we work with a kid?
Hey! that hurts, I'm telling mo..... Wait a minute, why not? I have some of the adult intelligence combined with the playfulness of a child. I'm also so damn adaptive and learn scary fast.

Last words.
This is an attempt. Sometimes things just work out. So don't join unless you actually have the time to waste.

Contact Info
You can reach me by email: [email protected]
Skype: Xyren92
Posting here.
PM me.
I will also do my best to answer any question's asked. (All criticism as long as its constructive is welcome. Hints and wishing me good luck as-well.)

PS: Please be gentle, this is my first time(As trying to get a game going)

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