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How to start working on a database.

Posted 06 September 2012 - 07:43 AM

Hi everybody.
I want to do some certification in microsoft technology to boost my future career, as currently i am working as a school teacher. My education is in the field of computer sc. as well as info.technology. i want to be a successful programmer/developer in future. i have decided to do some certification in microsoft technology. Currently i decided to take asp.net since my academic project was in this technology.To do asp.net i have tried to learn c#. In the middle, i came to know that my databases concepts are not too good while attaching a databases in code of c#. We actually attach a database with web based application, but do not create database. So i started learning on databases, i thought ms access is the basic tool to know about it. i have gone through many online books but the problem is that everyone takes some readymade database and try to teach the users about concepts. No one tried to explain how to start a database and how to create from scratch. Can anybody tell me how to do a database activity from start to end. i want to , first of all, develop some small projects around me for experiments. whatever we study in boooks is not matching our practical life, in my opinion.
so my path is to learn databases, then csharp, then asp.net and finally to do some certification.
Do share your opinions in this regard.

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Re: How to start working on a database.

Posted 06 September 2012 - 07:50 AM

If you are using web pages and ASP.NET I would recommend AGAINST using MSACCESS. Go install MSSQL Express. Creating a DB? Yeah it's about as hard as following the inbuilt wizard and filling out some tables.

As an aside - what sort of comp sci teacher are you? Networking? As in what do you focus on that you haven't been elbow deep in some of these topics?

Also I'll go ahead and remove the size 7 font tags.. that was annoying.
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