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[link] Torque 3D to be Released on Github under the MIT license

Posted 11 September 2012 - 07:26 AM

General info from Eric Preisz...


Eleven years ago, The GarageGames founders did an incredibly innovative thing when they sold a full source game engine for $100. We are excited to continue in their footsteps by announcing that we will be releasing Torque 3D as the best open source game technology in the world. Once again, GarageGames will be changing game development.

Our long term plans are to focus on innovative uses of game technology. Currently, all GarageGames employees have the option to work on any project on Fridays. We are working on some really great projects under the initiative and its our hope that we will be able to invest in several of these projects as they evolve. Weve encouraged our developers to open source these projects. If you think you have what it takes to be an innovative developer using game technology, consider applying for one of our open positions.


More specific info on what is included, post launch, who can add to the main branch, github, etc from Dave Wyand..

Oh and of course their required call for new innovative employees.

per wiki here's games created using the torque engine:

Blockland, Marble Blast Gold, Minions of Mirth, TubeTwist, Ultimate Duck Hunting, Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa, ThinkTanks, The Destiny of Zorro, Penny Arcade Adventures and most recently, indie video games S.P.A.Z. and Frozen Synapse.

.. also Tribes2

Has anyone used any incantation of the Torque engine?

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Re: [link] Torque 3D to be Released on Github under the MIT license

Posted 12 September 2012 - 07:12 AM

Wow! This really is huge!

I played with Torque's 3D engine several years ago before I got into XNA. It was pretty awesome and that was before the current version of Torque 3D was released. And to have the full source code for free is just... words can't even begin to say how awesome that is.

Granted, to really make full use of it, you need to know enough to be able to write Torque 3D yourself. But if you have the knowledge, it's a great "code base" to start working with and extending to create your games with. And for those that don't have the knowledge, the level editor is fun to play with and a good educational experience.

Quite frankly, I don't think I really have the knowledge. I really need another year in XNA to more fully learn such things as HLSL, Octrees, and how to code animation deformations. But maybe I can make use of this after I get better at XNA.

Now that it's free, it definately doesn't hurt to download it and just play with it to see what you can do.

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