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automated reminder service--difficult?

Posted 13 September 2012 - 01:22 PM

hey guys!
I've been asked by a client to design and develop a website for their professional reminder service. They need the functionality of user login with paid and trial membership (and possibly different levels depending on price/features) and scheduled reminders that can be automatically sent via email, text and/or voice call (using text to speech software). Users should also be able to view a history of passed reminders, and also add/remove/edit upcoming ones.
I've looked into it a little, trying to put together a proposal, and so far Twilio seems like my best bet to help me build it (if there is a better solution, please let me know!). Anyway, I've never made anything that does text to speech or voice calls before, and as a whole I'm trying to assess how long it would take one person to do it (while juggling other work) so I can begin to come up with a rational price.

If anyone has previous experience with building such a thing, any info or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys!

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