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SDL (Collision) Question

Posted 18 September 2012 - 04:00 PM

Hi everyone.

I'm new here, so I hope I got the right section for this question. My fellow students and I are currently building a video game for our class (Video Game Design and Development) project and could use some assistance.

We're using Visual Studios 2010 to build a SDL prototype game for our DirectX10 course and we're having some difficulty as this is all new material for us. The basic idea is a 2D, top down shooter in which the player drives a tank and shoots other tanks. We have our player class moving and shooting, and we have a basic Enemy class (it doesn't move or have AI yet, but it's on the screen) and we're trying to get our collision working, and that's where we're running into some problems. We need the Enemy and Bullet to collide and kill the Enemy, likewise the Player tank and the Enemy tank need to collide and not Casper the Friendly Ghost through each other. We have a team working on the Enemy class to remove it from the screen on death and to get the AI working. I can provide the code we have if it's needed.

I'm wondering if anyone here is available to help us through this, or maybe point us to some online source material to help us learn, whether online learning resources or code snippets we can study and base our own collision code of off maybe - obviously we do not want to step on anyone's IP, so if there's something that's free to download and study or use that would be perfect.

Thanks in advance,


(Also, I noticed a usertag 'Beardy' [specifically under the user "Core"] how does one acquire such a title? I've got a pretty boss beard going on)

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