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DotNET Rocks: Roadtrip

Posted 27 September 2012 - 07:51 AM


Last night I attended a four hour DotNETRocks! Roadtrip event hosted by my local .NET User's group. That was a pretty fun and wicked informative. I infrequently follow the podcast, but to be there (and in part of the yelling voices of the podcast) was amusing.

It was a pretty Windows8 centric discussion on how easy it is to build an app that feeds off a webservice (Richard's talk), and Carl was all about Dev-ops SCOM (system center operations manager) 2012 plugins for .NET program/website monitoring and integration to TFS.

The guest speaker was Bill Wagner (no, not the Boston Brave's catcher), but the guy who wrote "Effective C#" and "Even More Effective C#". The talk was more "holy crap we've come a long way in computing.. try to not get over whelmed, take a risk now and then, find something you are passionate about.. every so often put yourself out there!" and that sort of vibe. Well done all the way around.

The typical .NET Usergroup meetings are about thirty people once a month - wow.. this snagged 220+ folk. A few people I haven't seen for some time were there and just chatting with other people on what they do, their work, and general elbowing with other geeks... never a bad thing!

The more amusing part was the give away at the end.. the least expensive thing on there was an XBOX360+Kinect... people were getting three or four thousand dollar software packages but were bummed they didn't get the xbox. Ha.

I would highly recommend if these guys are in your area to sign up and swing through. A free mini conference is a good thing!

Remaining stops as of today:


Thu 9/27 Minneapolis, MN
Sat 9/29 Chicago, IL
Mon 10/8 Indianapolis, IN
Tue 10/9 Detroit, MI
Wed 10/10 Columbus, OH
Thu 10/11 Pittsburgh, PA
Sat 10/13 Toronto, ON
Mon 10/15 Rochester, NY
Wed 10/17 Boston, MA
Thu 10/18 New York, NY
Sat 10/20 Philadelphia, PA
Mon 10/22 Atlanta, GA
Tue 10/23 Charlotte, NC
Wed 10/24 Nashville, TN
Thu 10/25 Louisville, KY
Sat 10/27 Reston, VA
Sat 11/3 Tallahassee, FL
Mon 11/5 Tampa, FL
Wed 11/7 Orlando, FL
Mon 11/12 Bentonville, AR
Wed 11/14 Houston, TX
Thu 11/15 San Antonio, TX
Sat 11/17 Dallas, TX
Mon 11/26 Phoenix, AZ
Tue 11/27 San Diego, CA
Wed 11/28 Los Angeles, CA
Thu 11/29 San Jose, CA
Sat 12/1 San Francisco, CA


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