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[link] How to Research Ideas and Test Assumptions, Before You Develop

Posted 27 September 2012 - 08:09 AM


Ah, yes.. yes.. and more YES! This isn't just for game development - with a minimal amount of abstraction you can use this for other software projects or event projects not computer orientated!


Before you spend years of your life making a game because you think it will sell, make sure itís something worth making! Youíre driven to explore game design because you love it, right? Your time (and the time of your players) is precious. Here are three experiments you can do to make sure your ideas are worth that time.
Thereís a whole lot of variables that go into what makes a game successful: from the game itself to whateverís happening in the world when you release it. It gets even more messy later on when we start asking questions like what platform to publish on, how much to sell it for, when to publish, and so on.
Remember, your time is precious and once you spend it itís gone. And thatís why these tests exist: to give you the opportunity to make sure youíre spending your time on something meaningful before investing more time (and money) into development.

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