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[link] The Making of Doom: Id's shooter masterpiece

Posted 11 October 2012 - 12:37 PM


A fun romp explaining how a small team could make a game like doom. Great little nuggets for people who have a small team and would like to commiserate.

Though now I am thinking I need to dig up my old Doom3 discs, install it, and give it a-go!


How did Id manage this in a development window of just eighteen months?

A substantial chunk of the Doom design derives from its predecessor Wolfenstein 3D. But the far superior Doom engine was built by John Carmack working solo whilst the rest of the team were beavering away on Spear of Destiny, the underplayed sequel to Wolfenstein 3D.
One of Hall’s biggest contributions was the WAD file; standing for ‘Where’s All the Data?’. The WAD contained all of the non-engine material needed to run the game.

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