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TheWebProject - Compatible with every device!

Posted 13 October 2012 - 04:43 PM

The Web Project

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The Web Project is a project which i wish to undertake with the help of some professional freelancers to create a slick Web Builder with hundreds of features which will help optimise the process of developing websites for web developers. The web builder will be accessed via our website or via any type of application such as the app that will be released on iOS and other platforms or the application that will be released on PC and mac. Some of the advanced features within this project include:

  • Easy Code Management! Code on the go!!
  • Custom plugins which allow a user to create their own plugins for their own panel needs which could be added to make life easier for developers.
  • Meta Tag and other SEO Optimization tactics
  • Save Websites to our server from your device after you finish developing your website.
  • Full Control and Flexibility will allow the user to flexibly move around the different aspects of their websites such as tables and buttons. This will be easy on any device!
  • Device compatibility will provide the owner of any device access to their panel with easy app access. I am looking to add functionality to every popular operating systems such as iOS, Windows, Linux, Kindle, Macs, ChroniumOS, etc. This will all be done offline so no internet required!!
  • Easy User Management within a panel
  • Configuration to allow the user customise the panel to their own needs.
  • Libraries will be able to be included to the panel in order for the developer to create other types of layouts.

These are just some of the many features that I am looking to add to the panel and feel free to suggest more features and I may happily add it.

Suggest features here:

Unfortunately, I cannot fund the project on my own so i will need your help!
Help fund the project here!


What will all of this funding go towards?

To achieve this project, we will need $60,000 which will go towards the following:

Server Hosting - $20,000
Development of the panel (including development for all platforms, security checks etc). - $30,000
Promoting the product - $5,000 - We will hire someone to create a promotional video for The Web Project.
Tax - $5,000 - This is pretty much the indie gogo tax aswell as other taxes in future..
I would really appreciate everyones help in this project as i believe it will make life easier for web developers around the world. I really think it would be nice to be able to create websites on the go without bothering about internet connection!

If we end up reaching more than our required goal, the rest of the contributions will be added towards our development of the panel, this will advance it further for future updates and hardware improvement.

Anyone who purchased any kind of perk will receive BETA access early next year to test out the software before it is released to get a headstart of the use of the program and to test out how easy development will be for this software.

If the amount required to fund our program is not reached, each and every one of the contributors will be refunded the amount they contributed in the first place.

We are planning to start developing this at the start of 2013, before that time we will plan the entire product.

Why am I starting this campaign anyway?

I have been Web developing for over 5 years now and i honestly find it a pain to keep creating new css layouts and i thought it would a great approach to develop some sort of website which would be multi-platform compatible and will allow you to develop websites without using any css code at all unless you wish to add certain bits and pieces. It would also be nice to be able to go somewhere and be able to develop websites on the go on your iPad or any other platform.

Imagine how easy creating a website would be if you could just visualise to yourself how you would like the layout to be formed and then easily drag and drop the required objects across the screen to accomplish your visualisation, thats how easy it would be when using The Web Project! It will also be compatible with every single device so no more problems with having the wrong operating system or device!

How much will this cost?

I'm looking to make the web development panel for desktop and mac around $70 and the development package for around $100 but if you are looking to purchase the appropriate perk package here you will receive a permanent version for a great price! We will also release a pack for companies which will allow every single person within that company to use it, this product cost has not yet been thought through.

The apps should be a one time purchase on the Kindle, iPad, Windows and Android devices. The price has not yet been thought out yet but they will also be avaliable for purchase in the appropriate perk package. When this project is developed, the app will be downloadable and you will just be required to login to use it and therefore pre-purchases will be easier to sort out.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just canít contribute, but that doesnít mean they canít help:

  • Help spread the #thewebproject trend on twitter!
  • Follow us on twitter at @thewebproj
  • Tell your friends about this campaign and how it will improve web development for everyone!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

[email protected]

Twitter: @thewebproj

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