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Posted 19 October 2012 - 05:04 PM


Error Message Deciphered

Thankful the designer of have taken the view that error messages should be descriptive and helpful.
Some of the even suggest a solution.

Let's take this error message and decipher it.

No overload for 'GetAverage' takes 0 arguments

Let decode the error message.

  • No Overload ...

    So what is an Overload?
    An overload is method that has the same name as another method in your class/module but with different input signatures.
    So I know know as something to do with one of the methods "GetAverage"

    Further Reading: MSDN Article on Overloads in

  • takes 0 arguments

    So what is an argument?

    Arguments are the values you provide for a method's input parameters.
      Public Function Add(x As Integer, y As Integer) As Integer
        Return x + y
      End Function
      Dim z = Add(1,2)

    Parameters: x y

    Arguments: 1 2

    So it must be something to the number of parameters I'm passing, or not passing.

    Further Reading: MSDN Article on Parameters and Arguments

Message Deciphered
No Overload of the Method "GetAverage" has Zero number of Parameters, to take the Zero number of parameters I'm passing.
So that suggest I'm not providing enough arguments.


Don't understand the full error message, then break it up it chunks.
Research and understand each aspect and concepts.

That the debugging and analysis skills learn for programming, apply not only to programming! Use them.

Further Reading on MSDN runtime error messages compiler error messages
Visual Studio Error Messages
Edit: Correcting MSDN URL

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