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Please Review my Site

Posted 29 October 2012 - 04:02 AM

Hi Guys

Please review my site.


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Re: Please Review my Site

Posted 29 October 2012 - 04:16 AM

Well, a nice site and I am pretty sure this is gonna rack up sales for your book.

I did notice some minor shortcomings which I would like to throw light on.

In the book overview section, I noticed that the font size of the contents for the 'What the Book Is' and 'What the Book Is Not' to be a tad bit small. That will not give much of an impression to anyone wanting to buy the book.

I would suggest you increase the font-size and make some play with words for example:
'Mystery,suspense and intrigue' or something which will make the prospective buyer to actually order the book. Also you could involve some vivid colors to give emphasis on some key points of the book.
For eg. I would say you could use the comic sans font for the word 'funny' as it will emphasize on the humor involved.

Apart from that, a really wonderful site indeed. Good luck with the sale. :)

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Re: Please Review my Site

Posted 29 October 2012 - 05:23 AM

I thought this site was very well developed, it has a great flowing feature to it, :bigsmile:
Everything is greatly spaced, also a great feature, and the colors are well contrasted/matching.
I did not see much of any bugs or faults in your webpage, although I have not done much HTML related work in so long, i would not have known. So, for an "everyday and unknowledged webpage viewer," i'd have to say that it is a flawless page that has been put a lot of effort and it well developed.
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Re: Please Review my Site

Posted 29 October 2012 - 07:47 AM

Personal Notes:

  • In full-screen, all pages have extra white-space on the left, right, and top. If this is a border, CHANGE THE COLOR. If not, look into stretching your background image/change so that the page is 100% of the browser window.

  • The big black rectangle for "Banter, Pasttimes, ... etc". It's a giant blot on the page, and when the window is shrunk, the image mis-aligns from the typewriter at the top. (I am using the latest Mozilla Firefox).

  • The scrolling prisoners ordeal. Great concept, but when I mouse-over, the images stop scrolling from right-to-left and change direction to left-to-right, and I am forced to slowly hover my mouse to the right in order to make the images stop sliding. I would change this around to where it scrolls left-to-right, and on mouse-hover, immediately stops, possibly present the visitor with a scrollbar to allow them to scroll through at their own discretion.

  • [attachment=31462:image.png]

    The screenshot above is used for my next points. I dislike how the author images/names flow off the topmost piece of paper and become harder to read with the tan background. As a visitor, I would find this both annoying and unprofessional. My advice would be to turn the bottom most paper piece into a longer rectangle encompassing the Authors, their names, and the short write-up all in one piece.

    I do not understand nor see much reason in having the "O" in "AUTHORS" colored red. If trying to attract attention, do something else, do not just color one letter. This also goes with the "LAUNCHING EVENT ON THE 25TH OF OCTOBER", do something different than changing color of select few words.

    Also, between the two current pieces of paper, the lower one appears to be darker in color. Could be me, my monitor, or something else, but just to note.

  • Regarding the grey area for the NavBar at the top of the page, I would turn this into more of a very light tan to semi-match, but yet differentiate, from the rest of the page. Should you feel the absolute need to stick with the bland grey, add a black line of some sort to markedly separate it from the white space at the top of the page.

  • For the Book Overview/Events/Authors/Contact pages, my browser is giving the page extra space on the bottom, roughly 500-600px of extra scrolling space after the footer.

  • On the Contact page, again, issues with the different red/black font. Make it all black, and for adding emphasis BOLD the telephone/email/address text instead of coloring them red. Make all contact info text black, but use styling for emphasis. This is kind to your visitors considering they may be printing our your contact info at one point and black is the cheapest ink.

There is my rant. This is not to be mean, simply to note and give my own impressions. I am very critical of the sites I design myself and thus am just trying to help. Overall, I like where the site is going and commend you on a great start. Perform some of the changes I have listed and I would love to look it over once more.

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