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[link]Constraints Are an Essential Aspect of Game Development

Posted 01 November 2012 - 03:47 PM


I've said this time and time again with the game challenges and what not - get an idea, rip out everything until you have the core fun concept.. spec time.. and then gold plate when you are done! More often than not our dreams out pace out ability, time, and tenacity.

The article really makes a convincing argument for me to pop into a game jam one of these months. I should probably work up on a decent game engine (so I am not building that coming in), but it could be fun! Though I think I might need to dive into some 'procedurally generated content' - that seems to be tossed around quite a bit as a life line.


Constraints can act as a catalyst for innovation, experimentation and creativity. Don’t get caught in the habit of solving problems using known methods, get out of your comfort zone and start using constraints to your advantage. Your game could be the next Minecraft…

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