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Your thoughts wanted on cross platform coding in Java.

Posted 02 November 2012 - 09:21 AM

Hello all,

I've been looking at various solutions for cross platform development and I've decided I want to try and use a Java-based solution. My reason for this is mostly because it's what I currently use for other projects and I'd rather avoid having to work in many different languages all the time. I already develop for Android. I would like one code base for future projects and I'd prefer Java (I know it well).

I've come across various solutions but the one I've picked out as looking like the best way for me so far is http://www.codenameone.com. Just wondered what everyone's thoughts are, specifically, have you have much success / failure with any particular approach to this?

Here's a quick summary of my research so far:
Vaadin touch - not free, bit pricey and I don't like GWT (used it before, hated it).
Phone Gap - possible fall back, don't like the lack of debugging and having to use javascript.
emitrom.com - possibly ok, looks a bit too 'new'.
XMLVM - looks pretty under-developed and they seem to have abandoned their android porter altogether, which is a real shame. The approach made a lot of sense but unfortunately this is a pie in the sky research project, not a viable solution.
www.in-the-box.org - seems a bit 'not quite there yet' for serious commercial use. Plus running a whole JVM to emulate an Android app seems a bit silly. Bloat-tastic!

Lots of people trying to solve this problem but nobody seems to have a silver bullet yet.

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