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[link] The Whens and Whys for PHP Design Patterns

Posted 05 November 2012 - 01:32 PM


I dig the whole alternative angle of "when and why" and not the "which and how.


There are plenty of articles that explain what design patterns are, and how to implement them; the web doesnít need yet another one of those articles! Instead, in this article, we will more discuss the when and why, rather than the which and how.

Iíll present different situations and use-cases for patterns, and will also provide short definitions to help those of you who are not so familiar with these specific patterns. Letís get started.
Design patterns help solve problems. As an implementation recommendation, never name your classes after the patterns. Instead, find the right names for the right abstractions. This helps you to better discern when you really need a pattern as opposed to just implementing one because you can.

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