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Eventgost Python code question

Posted 07 November 2012 - 10:41 AM


not sure if anyone of you know how Eventghost works or what it is, but basically it's just python coding in it!

I am very new to Eventghost and programming, I know some basic VB.net and thats all. I am currently messing around with Eventghost and see what I can do with it. I just got myself an old laptop that is running XP and it will be on 24/7.
So here is what I want to do and need help with - I do not ask anyone to write me the code or anything, just point me in the right direction or tell me that it's to damn hard for me to do, heh.

I have:

2x computers with Eventghost - 1 old laptop that is the "base", the other computer I shut off during night.
2x screens on my normal PC.
1x TV thats connected to my normal PC with some normal speakers that I have on the side of the TV.

So what I want to do is,

make my Laptop turn on my normal PC with WOL, then turn on the TV (I don't have IR sender yet, but will get it, I also think my TV supports turn on over HDMI) and switch the output sound from my headset, to my TV over HDMI (The TV sound is always disabled if I don't watch any movies, then I put it on manually) and then play me a text with TTS, lets say something like this: "Hello sir Awesome, the clock is now 08:00 and the weather is minus 2 degrees. Have a lovely day". So basically the weather updates itself from a plugin or app everyday - and it plays that to me as an alarm clock, which I have set the day before to what time I want the computer to start and run these plugins.

Is this even at all possible? And if it is, how manageable is it for a beginner?

Thanks in advance for any answer, and sorry if my English is bad, not the best describer either, but I tried :)

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