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I feel like I've really slacked off.

Posted 09 November 2012 - 03:32 PM

Hi guys, kind of a long post so bear with me.

Basically, I feel like a lump. I'm a university student about to graduate with a BS in Computer Science with a mix of electrical engineering/mechanical mixed in, so I'd be a certified engineer as well I suppose.

Basically all I do in life is do relatively well in school by doing my share of work, waste time on the internet, play online games, exercise to stay in shape.

Other than that, I do nothing else. No job (only had a tech support job for a couple of years during university), never had an internship and no real knowledge gaining though I did buy code complete and the pragmatic programmer recently for some reading.

I know how to use java (most used language), perl (basics, I messed with it for some days and liked it well enough), C# (love it), C/C++ (terrible at it). No experience in anything important like web-based languages and such, don't even know how to create a website really, no courses for that where I'm at and I didn't pick it up myself.

I sometimes look at freelance coding sites with projects, and I have no idea how to do any of those things and see a lot of people offering/bidding. I'm too afraid to offer myself because I know there are far more qualified people and someone's time and money are at stake here. Also I'm just not familiar with any of the stuff mentioned 99% of the time.

Good things I have going for me are, I'm good at communicating and am fairly reasonable, or so I'm told. I mean when I do group projects in school I'm sometimes assigned as the spokesperson or do the most talking in presentations. I just lay everything on the table and tell it how it is, and I get along great with most people. I was told this is more important in computer science than actual programming skills, but I don't know guys, I feel really bad technically. I'm reasonable in that I know different things have different uses for different people, and this is important in technology because while I might say I hate some program or hardware, I can still recommend it to people who can find use for it.

I also have no idea how to go about getting a job after graduation, my degree looks good on paper, but no experience and a lack of detailed programming specific knowledge is bad. I'm terrible at statistics for example, but you get these questions on interviews sometimes, from what I've heard. Or questions on language specific quirks, those would get me. Something like C is brimming with subtleties for example. I also haven't done many interviews in life, but I don't get nervous as I have a very "you're either getting it or not" attitude where it's pointless to be nervous. Same approach works for tests, you're getting what you're getting, call it fate but prepare never the less.

Yeah that's basically my bother, not really a complaint more like a confession and just general feeling of uselessness. Feel free to poke fun, offer advice, anything. All replies appreciated, and if you read this tl;dr post, thanks, hope the rest of your day goes great.

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Replies To: I feel like I've really slacked off.

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Re: I feel like I've really slacked off.

Posted 09 November 2012 - 03:39 PM

Relax hun, I didn't have any experience outside of being a waitress and doing work at Walmart and Sonic. Not exactly great recommendations on my ability to program. ;P

I still landed a job in the development area. ^_^/> There's plenty of people that graduate, like you did, with little experience. Companies understand this, just keep applying and you'll land yourself a job within a couple months.

As for web-based languages, I honestly know none myself really, except some HTML and CSS I used back when I was a young'un. The job I'm at is slowly throwing some at me so I'll learn, plus I'm doing some learning on my own free time. :)/>

You'll have to get used to learning on your own free time as the tech field is constantly changing. As long as you can do that, you'll succeed. :D/> *high five* You almost have your diploma, don't worry, be happy, apply, and be awesome!

And if you can't land straight away in development, try some analyst positions. :3

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Re: I feel like I've really slacked off.

Posted 10 November 2012 - 03:30 AM

I hear you man. I've just finished my Comp Sci degree. I've learned a bunch of neat stuff, I have a pretty good handle on C, Java, various web stuff and some maths but with no commercial experience it's pretty daunting looking at job descriptions with 20 required acronyms. I've had a couple of interviews so far, and they've been kinda tough although they haven't drilled me too hard on obscure programming stuff. If I can give you one piece of advice, study up on design patterns and learn a version control package (ie Git) well. This is the stuff that's been really key in both of my interviews, and I have to say, as a Comp Sci / Maths major, I haven't spent enough time on this stuff for it to be second nature, and my interviewers haven't been impressed.

My plan for the Christmas break is spend my new found free time on coding some significant projects and adding some strings to my bow like jQuery and becoming a Git master. :)
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Re: I feel like I've really slacked off.

Posted 18 November 2012 - 11:28 AM

If you want technical know-how, you gotta do technical stuff. If you're not up for a big project with other people, do smaller projects on your own. Doesn't matter what it is, just sit down and write something from scratch. Preferably something you haven't done in class, so you'll learn something new. For instance, you could write yourself a website, if that's something you'd like to learn. Google for tutorials, experiment, and come ask on dreamincode when you get stuck.
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