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How to add references from downloaded source(i.e. Gleed2D and FarSeer)

Posted 11 November 2012 - 05:24 PM

Hello again and welcome to another n00b question from this guy!

You may or may not need experience with Gleed2D to answer this but...

I've been attempting to utilize the funtionality of both Gleed2D and FarSeer Physics. However, I'm unable to figure out how to properly add the correct references to my game. FarSeer is a little beyond my skill level, so for now, I'm starting with Gleed2D.

I'm using VS2010 / XNA 4.0

I've downloaded the "Gleed2D - Master" source (updated to work with XNA 4.0)
It has a bunch of directories/sub directories, all with similar named cs files and dlls.

Here's my problem... I followed the tutorials, got familiar with the Gleed2D UI and created a new game. I was directed to add...

"using Gleed2D;"

to the top of the game and instantly get a missing reference error as would be expected.. The tutorials don't direct me on which dlls to add as references... There must be 4 or 5 of each dll with the same name but all in different directories!



So I just pick a folder, add the dlls as references, but when I add the lines..

using Gleed2D.Core
using Gleed2D.InGame

It says I'm missing an assembly or reference even though they are listed in my references!

What am I doing wrong? Should I be copying these files somewhere inside my "WindowsGame12" project folder?

Is there something better/easier to use for quick level design?

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