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OpenGL Game Engine in C/C++

Posted 15 November 2012 - 11:03 AM

I'm looking to develop a 3D graphics/game engine using an OpenGL 3.x context or above in C/C++. If you're looking to do the same thing, whether for profit or for open source/learning purposes, I'd love to hear from you. While I understand a fair amount of the underlying technology behind the API standard of OpenGL, and know how to do vector and ( most of ) matrix math, it would be helpful to work with someone who has more experience than I do at least in the math realm ( my current academic math level is Math 98, Algebra II at a community college ).

Right now I've been working with GLM to rid my self of a lot of mathematical headaches, GLFW for Context/Window/Keyboard/etc management, and GLEW for unlocking the extensions via Windows. I'm using Visual Studio 2012, but if you prefer to use something different( be it Linux, Mac, or just a different development environment in general ), I'm sure we could work on platform compatibility together. If you know C++ ( or even just raw C ), understand some concepts of graphics programming in general, and have a decent math background, feel free to contact me.

The code base I'm working with has about 2.5-3k lines of code, and is fairly well documented and organized. Most of the headers and source files are quite modular and split up so that each file takes up to about 500 lines maximum ( though the majority are about 100-300 lines each I'd say ). Right now I'm working on a basic camera system, and have a simple DDS texture loader (with BMP and TGA still needing to be implemented ) which should be able to load basic textures.

In terms of people I'd like involved with this, anywhere from 2 - 4 would be good. I know how to code fairly well, and I understand a lot of C.S. concepts, some in relation to general assembly programming - it's just specific things like knowing when to convert from spherical to cartesian coordinates, or writing an Octree to do some crazy collision detection I could use help with.

Contact Details:

You can send me a P.M., though I'll be checking this thread regularly as well unless it just dies. I'll give you more contact information if you're seriously interested in this. Personally, my goal is just to learn and develop a portfolio for the time being. If your goals are different, but the means of achieving your goal correlates with my own, then that too makes you a candidate.

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