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Game programming advice for a novice of 2012

Posted 21 November 2012 - 10:48 AM

First of all, hi to everyone! I'm kinda new here and i have a few inquiries that i hope can be answered.

Second, I'm not that new to game programming as I have programmed one or two games in XNA as a semester project and was amazed at how fast and easy XNA truly was. Still, I'm not a professional. With the release of Windows 8, I surfed around the net, browsing from forum to forum just so I can know where XNA is headed. Most forums claim that "you can't develop games 'native' to the Windows 8 OS, although there is a workaround to it by installing XNA4.0, but it would still be 'legacy code'. You can still develop games for Windows Phones 7 and 8 as well as Xbox360 with XNA."

Third, I like to develop games for PC, Xbox360 and PS3 (ESPECIALLY Playstation 3).

So my questions are:-

1. Should i still pursue game development using XNA, considering the above facts? As i said, I really liked XNA a lot and would really prefer it.

2. If, in the case that XNA doesn't flourish, what will be my next best alternative? Most people refer the combination of OpenGL/C++ as the next best alternative to game development to me. I have done VERY basic programming in OpenGL (e.g. drawing a triangle on the screen) and let me just say that, honestly, XNA/C# has spoilt me considerably. :D/> Whenever I look at opengl/c++ code, it all seems overwhelming now... But I'm willing to learn anything that's new to me and most of all, a VERY good option in the long run. So, any advice?

3. There is also an option of using already-made game engines, too. Game engines like Unity3d and UDK (based on Unreal Engine 3) seem to be very good players but are very costly. What's more, they already have the option of releasing your games on multiple platforms, but apart from UDK, I see that Unity3d only allows games for PSN and Xbox LIVE. I wanna make games for the PS3 platform! Opinions, please?

I already know that in order to develop games for PS3 (or any other console), you have to first become a "certified" developer in the eyes of Sony; only then they can sell you their development kits. How much they cost is another story, but my main concern is to get ready for what seem to be best option for me to develop games when I can afford a PS3 development kit.

Thanks in advance...! :)/>

P.S: I'm doing my undergraduate program in computer science and I also like 3d modelling and animation. So, I have a fair amount of "experience" in creating programs using C, C++ and C#. Apart from that, like i said, I'm willing to learn anything that's best for me in the long run...!

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Re: Game programming advice for a novice of 2012

Posted 21 November 2012 - 11:42 AM

Watch out for duplicate posting. Closing.
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