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GIT workflow and how to only pull certain items after initial clone

Posted 21 November 2012 - 06:12 PM

Here is how my current setup is:

Posted Image

So here is how my process looks:


Local machine:
Create and make major edits.
Commit changes and push them to the repo

Staging Server:
Clone repo
Update config files to work on the staging server

My issue that I am having is upon doing a fetch it overwrites all of my local files. I don't want to have to reset my config file everytime I do a fetch. This is what I want to do:


Local Machine:
Make edit to file X.php
Add file X.php
Commit file X.php
Push commit

Staging Machine:
Fetch just file X.php, or ALL changes except config/*

I do have a .gitignore but that should keep me from adding them, and by default I have a config sample file in there so that I don't have to manually upload and place the file.

Hopefully this makes sense. Let me know.

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