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Disable/enable function not work when call and save in my django

Posted 27 November 2012 - 06:45 AM

I am very newbiees to django and python. Need help on my project. I'm totally stuck.I have a project about health system whereby the doctor have to key in a particular form for a specific patient and for a specific sickness. In this form there is also disable and enable function for specific variable. I have two problems so far.
No.1- I cannot make the enable and disable to work when I call back the particular patient. It will be shown all enable.
No.2- When I wanted to save the form, all the disable column is not save.

Here is some of my coding.
def clean(self):# not sure if this is needed
        cleaned_data = super(RehabDiabetesForm, self).clean()
        ANSVAR_SEKTOR = cleaned_data.get("ANSVAR_SEKTOR")
        if ANSVAR_SEKTOR == "2":
            if "2" not in ANSVAR_SEKTOR:
                raise forms.Validationerror ("Try again")
        return cleaned_data
    def form_valid(self, form):
        if (form.cleaned_data['ANSVAR_SEKTOR'] == "2"):# i try this but i am stuck and don't know how to proceed
        return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse("afdelingt_view"))

Herewith i attached how the page look like. Maybe it will give a better understanding. If its not clear please write to me. Will explained the very best. Thanks a million

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