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[link] Game Seeds

Posted 29 November 2012 - 12:55 PM


I find odd meta games like this super interesting. Here's a physical card game... that helps shake up things in your head and let's your mind run a bit free with the framework for a game. I mean how many times have we read about the new person who "doesn't have an idea" but "wants to make a game soooo bad"? Here's a way for people to get out of that rut and develop some creativity (with a crutch)!

I wonder how well this would go over in a massive skype conference call? People break up in teams, get their cards, and do the pitches to other a panel of judges and then in a subsequent time set have a code jam or challenge with it. Nice!

This also got me thinking about my DreaminCode Card game I was sketching up last year during lunch. Haha.. it might be high time to dust that off and get something worked out.


Game Seeds was created by the Utrecht School of the Arts, Monobanda and Metagama as
a tool for designers, students and creative professionals. The goal of this card game is to design a main character, a sidekick and a game throughout three different phases while improving your game design skills.

Personally, I have found Game Seeds to be an excellent tool for workshops because it appeals to novice, intermediate and advanced game designers offering a unique way of developing group discussion and collaboration

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