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Request for Participation in the First Workshop on Programming Languag

Posted 09 July 2007 - 09:33 PM

When: Monday, October 22nd 2007 Where: OOPSLA 2007 in Montreal, Quebec Canada

Deadline: please express interest through the wiki before August 15th 2007

A programming language's success increasingly depends on how well it is supported by integrated development environments (IDEs). Unfortunately, despite the advent of open and extensible IDEs, adding language support to an IDE largely remains a "black art;" the necessary knowledge and experience, learned mostly through trial-and-error, is not easily disseminated. This workshop will bring together industry practitioners and researchers to exchange, discuss, and develop techniques for supporting languages in IDEs including (but not limited to) Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ. Topics that will be discussed include how to build "presentation compilers" that underlie IDE services, how to build these IDE services, intra and inter-language refactoring and program analysis, and special considerations for dynamic or interactive languages. In the course of this workshop, existing practices and open problems in this field will be identified with the goal of creating ongoing communication and collaboration within this community.

If you want to participate in PLIDE, please express interest through the workshop wiki: http://lamp.epfl.ch/~mcdirmid/PLIDE

Submitted by: Sean McDirmid


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