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Knapsack ,check if matrix can fill list of smaller matrix list

Posted 08 December 2012 - 11:42 AM

Hi, i have a list of arrays ( of sizes , for example : 3X1 , 4X2 and so on..) i want to check if i can put all of them in one matrix.
i need to do it in a recursive way.
the function i need to write is get the size of the matrix and 2d array called tiles.
tiles[][] contains for example {{1, 1}, {1, 1}, {1, 1}, {1, 1}}, and the size of the matrix 2,2.
now i need to take those details and check if the matrix contains the list of tiles , for this example is true because {1,1} is a one place in the matrix is like 1X1 , before the X is Height and after is Width. ( you can see in the image below).
the function is :

public static int[][] insertIntoKnapsack(int n, int m, int[][] tiles) {
int[][] ans = new int[n][m];

int H,W;
for(int ind=0;ind<tiles.length;ind++)
H = tiles[ind][0];
W = tiles[ind][1];

now i stuck i dont know what do to check.
any ideas?
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