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Connecting Programming and Web Design.

Posted 26 December 2012 - 01:47 PM

Hey guys, I am sorry but this is going to be a very vague question, but I was confused on a certain matter and I was hoping you guys could help explain it to me.

I work at a web based company that is currently converting to Ruby on Rails. I see the programers do a lot of behind the scene things.
they can make a program that tells how many costumers bought this certain item, or how many customers are repeat customers.

But what I'm confused about is how they pull that info from the website? Also how can they create the layout and upload it to the site like that?

I guess what Im trying to ask is this.
Can someone explain the step that comes between programming/designing the layout, and actually launching it online?

It just looks confusing seeing Ruby on Rails and then understanding how that can effect the layout and how the programs actually get the info from the site..

Does that make sense?

Sorry about the complicated question. I hope I made it easy to understand.

Code -?- Final product.

Thanks guys!

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Re: Connecting Programming and Web Design.

Posted 26 December 2012 - 06:02 PM

Information is not pulled from a website but rather a database. As far as how layouts are applied to websites..you are going to have to hunker down and find that out on your own. Finding out on your own will help you develop in the long run. Check out some ROR documentation....check around in some ROR communities...etc! You will find almost everything you are looking for in some of those places. Good Luck!
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