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[Link] Android Fragmentation: A Bug and a Feature for Developers

Posted 30 December 2012 - 11:41 PM


"[Android fragmentation is] a humongous problem.... You deal with [fragmentation] as best you can," says developer Donn Felker, an independent consultant and author. He advises developers to use the right API levels.

Developer Mike Mackey advises simplification: "We've basically taken a lot of steps to simplify the UI so that form factor and the UI layer that the [device makers] apply their changes to isn't impacted," says the vice president of engineering at Centri Technology, which implements mobile network management. Mackey, who is not currently developing for Android but has in the past, recalls an HTC device that broke a UI layer and required some adjustments. But Centri's developer were able to fix the code in a way that it did not affect Centri's UI on other devices.


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Re: [Link] Android Fragmentation: A Bug and a Feature for Developers

Posted 31 December 2012 - 02:35 AM

I don't see fragmentation as a huge issue. Google has done a great job with its support library and screen compatibility that it should not really be an issue, as far as APIs go. As for varying cpu and gpu power among devices for game development, if you treat the Android platform as you do the PC, it's not really a problem. You have some devices that will be able to run your game, and some that won't. It's that way for every platform.
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