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Secure File Permissions

Posted 03 January 2013 - 06:37 AM


I want to get a discussion started about secure file permissions. I think we all know the basics of the linux file permission system. -> https://help.ubuntu....FilePermissions

Lets say we have apache, php and an Ubuntu server. Out web dir is /var/www

How do you install an application?
Lets say you got an application structure like:

Do you put the whole application (App/) into /var/www? Do you have your own web dir which you just point to via vhost or something? Whatever you are doing, why are you doing it and what are you doing?

What are the permissions and ownership of you web dir/project dir and of the application?

If the web user needs to write anything anywhere, e.g. a cache folder, how do you set the permissions?

Thanks, please answer nicely. If you post your aehm, "hosting structure" please show it through an example.

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