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XCelsius Export to Excel

Posted 09 January 2013 - 10:52 PM

Hi everyone.

I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this since XCelsius does not require any programming skills but I am asking this question with programming in mind so I posted it here.

My problem is as described in the forum topic. I need to have an "Export to Excel" button in XCelsius. I found a useful third-party control from http://visualbis.com...sv-made-simple/ but we are not allowed to use third-party controls. And I wouldn't want this since it is only a trial version of the program.

This is my first time working with XCelsius so it would be too much to suddenly create this control but if only you would give me some hints on how to do this, I would try to bild something up. I have only read the basics and tried some of the controls though.

I am a .NET developer (both for VB and C#). I created a windows app that is run with scheduled task every four hours. The program generates XML files that is pushed to a SharePoint site. Now the SharePoint site displays a table using XCelsius. Now, I need an "Export to Excel" button. I do not develop the SharePoint site so I want to achieve this via XCelsius. I am thinking maybe I can develop my own control similar to the third-party control I've just research (if possible by using Visual Studio .NET).

I do not know how to start though so I would appreciate any useful idea that will shed light on the matter.

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