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[Link] When Using ColdFusion No Longer Makes Sense

Post icon  Posted 13 January 2013 - 04:57 PM


Obviously, a statement like can't be left unexplained, and indeed, the first few comments on that post asked me to do just that. The truth is that when I wrote that post I did start to explain what I meant, but as the explanation grew it felt out of context for that post, and so I planned a follow-up. This is that follow-up.
Where does it no longer make sense to use ColdFusion? In my opinion there is no longer a compelling reason to use any ColdFusion features that generate client-side code for you. Be it UI libraries, form validation, data grids, menus, embedding maps, and more, there are now so many alternatives that are clean and lightweight and easy to use that it is more productive to just use those instead. So I am using jQuery validation libraries instead of <cfinput>, client-side grids instead of <cfgrid>, and so on. No more <cfmenu>, or <cfwindow>, or <cfcalendar>, or <cftable> which was introduced in Cold Fusion 2 and made little sense then and even less now (I mean, seriously, is it that hard to loop through results and manually add <tr> and <td> tags?), to list a few. These all need to be supported by ColdFusion to maintain backwards compatibility, but there just is no good reason to keep advancing them, and even less reason for you to use them in new development. ColdFusion client code generation features just don't make that much sense anymore.


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