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How do I get photos and live stats on my fanatsy sports website

Posted 15 January 2013 - 02:54 PM

[code} How do I go about getting sports photos to my website.I am the comissioner of a new fantasy sports site called fantzgm and I am in the devlopent phase of the project and should be ready for launch next month. Is thier a free sports photo sharing website. I have gone the route of calling ESPN and have heard crickets. Also any advice on getting live stats and which providers to chose. I looking into Stats, Inc but they are very expensive. Is XML live feeds the way to go and how would I do that. Lastly, can I offer any cash prizes for winners of the league in the United States. Is this legal?
Thanks for your comments. [/code]

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Re: How do I get photos and live stats on my fanatsy sports website

Posted 16 January 2013 - 09:05 AM

If you want photos of league players you're going to have to pay. Its that simple. They are merchandise. Contact the NFL marketing people. (This is why you can't take nice cameras with telephoto lenses into sporting arenas and concerts.)

It sounds a lot like you are under-prepared to take on this project. You don't have any idea about the trademark implications of using images... you don't know the laws governing prizes and give-a-ways... you don't know how to get stats or XML feeds. You should accept you aren't going to be on-line in 2 weeks (next month). Even if you started negotiating today with the leagues for the use of their images you aren't going to have contracts signed and payment made in time.

Next, get someone in your company legal department to worry about the prizes etc. Let the lawyers deal with law and you deal with code. Once they understand what the company can legally do have them tell you (in writing) what you are allowed to present. After you dummy that up you have the lawyers approve it because even small changes in phrasing can mean big changes in legal meaning and liability. That way you don't do something that will end your career when the company gets sued out of existence.
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